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September 2011

Opening Night - Hooch, Cooch and Scootching

AFA Gallery - SoHo, New York

September 2011

AFA Show

NEW YORK, NY – Kirk Reinert, a master painter in the genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, will debut a new collection of original fine art at AFA Gallery of SoHo this September. The exhibition & sale, entitled Hooch, Cooch & Scootching, sheds unique light on the drama and life of the brothels, parlors, and speakeasies of early 20th century New Orleans. Eleven original paintings will be on display and for sale.

RSVP is required for the artist's reception and exhibition unveiling from 6-9PM on September 22nd, 2011. AFA Gallery is located at 54 Greene Street (at Broome). The exhibition is free and open to the public seven days a week; Monday-Saturday 10-7, Sunday 11-6. Contact 212-226-7374 or for details.

"I love to capture the wildly unreasonable, unbelievably strange, illogical, or ludicrous...give it a pulse, and make it truly believable." - Kirk Reinert

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Star Wars: Visions

vaders dream

copyright © Kirk Reinert 2010 copyright LucasFilm LTD & TM

Vader's Dream

vaders dream detail
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Kirk Reinert was personally chosen by George Lucas to participate in the 'Star Wars Art: Visions' project. The basic idea that George had was to create an interpretative art project that would bring together a variety of artists from different disciplines, all of whom would do their own vision of Star Wars. The artists would be free to create whatever they wanted as long as it was in the spirit of the movies.

Star Wars Art: Visions was published by Abrams & released Nov. 2010. There is also talk of a possible exhibition tour of this collection. Lucasfilm is donating their book royalties to Paul Newman's 'Hole in the Wall Gang' Camp Charity.

Kirk Reinert's painting titled: Vader's Dream- A Visitation from Padme

"I will safe keep your good heart, Dear One, until you are ready for its return."

vaders dream detail
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Kirk's comments:
I wanted the general nature of this dream scene to feel very organic and human, as opposed to Vader's real-life loss of humanity, both physically and spiritually. Vader is dreaming of himself as Anakin, a fallen knight, in the arms of Padme, who has visited this dream with a purpose and a message. There is an island of peace here, but also the feeling of unease and impending doom on the horizon. The dark side, sensing the presence and threat of the light, sends its minions to pull Anakin/Vader back into chaos and madness.

I've placed a few subconscious layers in the painting for Anakin/Vader: the mechanical and bio-mechanical umbilical cords attached from under the water; Anakin is wearing what is partially Darth Vader armor & partially Jedi Knight robes; his hands are crossed representing a prisoner, Padme is wearing the headpiece that she wore in the beginning of their relationship but she also has the plants and flowers in her hair from her funeral. Anakin never saw her funeral so he has no reference to dream these specific flowers, therefore, Padme's presence in this dream is real and not conjured from Anakin/Vader's subconscious.

...and from the art nerd in me: Padme's pose was inspired from both a 12th century woodcut of 'A Troubadour's Representation of Love' and George Frederick Watts' painting, 'Hope'. Both also share an appropriate sentiment in my painting.